Perhaps you have already prepared your estate plan. Or maybe you haven’t yet given it much thought.


Either way, passing away without a will or an outdated one could leave your loved ones with a tremendous burden. Without proper planning, the court will make all decisions for you, such as who will settle your final affairs, how your property is distributed and who is named guardian of your children. Similarly, in the event you become incapacitated and haven’t planned for it, the court will decide who makes decisions for you by naming a guardian. It is tremendously expensive to have the court make those decisions.


The attorneys at Carson & Noel know you have questions about how to properly prepare for incapacity and declare your final wishes regarding property distribution, money, business affairs, and caring for your children. Our attorneys work closely with clients to create individualized estate plans detailing some of the most important and personal decisions. We prepare documents that preserve as much flexibility as possible and provide the opportunity for later tax planning by use of such devices as QTIP elections and disclaimers of interests in property. Our estate plans also typically involve powers of attorney, health directives (the living will), and trusts.


Our estate-planning attorneys also can assist you with probate (the legal process of settling the estate), other post-death administration, or incapacity, even if you are already involved in court proceedings.