January 24, 2018

Wright Noel and Stacy Goodman were honored to represent John Misner before the Washington Appeals Court to oppose Mr. Jensen’s attack on a FINRA arbitration ruling that they helped Mr. Misner obtain after a month long arbitration hearing.  Adopting the arguments and theories put forward by Mr. Noel and Ms. Goodman, Washington Appeals Court issued an opinion upholding the arbitration award.

Dec. 26, 2017 – 75908-6 – Richard Jensen And Jensen Enterprises, Inc., App vs. John Misner, Resp


December 25, 2017

Over the Christmas season we welcomed a family from Issaquah Washington, a town just outside of Seattle.  Stuart and his wife Leigh decided to take their children Lauren and Will on a different kind of vacation.  They were able to raise funds, collect clothes and sports gear to assist the school.  During their stay with us they served our children by hosting a games day, helped to cut the grass at the front of the school and visited at the Glenhope Child Care Facility (Orphanage) along with a few level four students.  They were able to purchase stuffed toys for all the children at the orphanage.  This experience was a joyous time for the Carsons.  We were so grateful for new friends and having the opportunity to invite people into the wonderful story of ORCS.

August 14, 2017

Merryn DeBenedetti and Marina Visan of Carson Noel PLLC won a decisive victory in Division I of the Washington State Court of Appeals on Monday, August 14, 2017.  In a quiet title/adverse possession case, the trial court had granted summary judgment in favor of the adverse possessors, ruling that offers to purchase the disputed portion of the property and  executing a license to use the disputed portion of the property after the time period for adverse possession had run were “inadmissible ER 408 offers to compromise” a dispute.  Carson Noel’s client, Buchanan, appealed.  In its decision, the Court of Appeals disagreed, stating that offers to purchase property and the execution of a license to use it – made several years before the litigation began – were not inadmissible offers to compromise under Washington law.  In addition to the admissibility issue, the Court further added that genuine issues of material fact existed, stating, “[a] rational trier of fact might find that offering to purchase the disputed area and executing a document accepting permission … to use the disputed area, is proof that the Grays recognized Buchanan as the owner of the disputed area.  That recognition is inconsistent with the Grays’ assertion to have acted as true owners of the disputed area as against the world.”

The case is Buchanan v. Gray, Case No. 75150-6-1 (August 14, 2017).