A Big Win in Federal Court

Carson Noel achieved a full defense verdict in favor of its client, Delta Electric Motors, Inc., after a jury trial in Federal Court.  Continue reading

Submitted by admin on June 9, 2015

New Associate Attorney at Carson & Noel PLLC

Please join us in welcoming Marina Visan to our office.  Marina, formerly of Miller & Martin PLLC in Tennessee, joined our firm in October of 2014.  She recently completed the Washington State Bar Exam and is awaiting her results.  Welcome Marina!



Submitted by attorney Kellie Gronski on March 24, 2015

University of Washington Paralegal Program

One of our paralegals, Christine Haselden, participated in the UW Paralegal Certificate Program this past year.  Please see the link below for a descriptive video:


Submitted by attorney Todd W. Wyatt on December 26, 2014

Lawsuit Challenges Automatic Deduction Of Union Dues For Home Care Workers In Washington

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court (Harris v. Quinn) gives fuel to a class action lawsuit independent health care providers have brought against The Service Employees International Union Healthcare 775 Northwest. Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Wright Noel on September 12, 2014

In Wilkinson v. Chiwawa Communities Association, the Washington Supreme Court Protects Owners Ability to Use Their Homes As Vacation Rentals

In its recent opinion in Wilkinson v. Chiwawa Communities Association,[1] the Washington Supreme Court ruled that using a residential property as a short term rental constituted a valid residential use and was not prohibited by restrictive covenants that generally prohibited use of the property for commercial purposes.  The Court went even farther and held that in most cases an owners association cannot amend existing restrictive covenants to prohibit short term rentals. Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Wright Noel on August 12, 2014

Stay Based on 5th Amendment

At times, actions that create potential civil liability, also create potential criminal liability. Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Wright Noel on April 30, 2014

New Regulations of Seller-Financed Residential Real Estate Sales

Individuals who offer seller financing in connection with residential real estate transactions are subject to new state and federal licensing and disclosure laws. Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Stuart Carson on April 30, 2014

Paradigm Shift

The landscape is changing once again with respect to estate planning. Some thought leaders are even calling it a “paradigm shift.” Up until now the goal has always been to keep assets out of the estate of the second spouse to die. This was done using credit shelter trusts. Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Sandy Cairns on November 7, 2013

Why Your Company Needs an Employee Handbook

For many small and medium sized companies, the costs and hassles of creating an employee handbook do not seem worth the trouble.  Who wants to bother paying some lawyer to create a handbook? If your company needed one, isn’t it better and cheaper to simply copy one off the Internet?  Will it really help your business to have one? Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Todd W. Wyatt on July 19, 2013

Electronic Meeting Notice is Here for Homeowners’ Associations

Starting at the end of July 2013, homeowners’ associations can now send meeting notices via electronic transmission.  Continue reading

Submitted by attorney Kellie Gronski on July 12, 2013