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Fun Fact:

Stu likes back-country skiing and climbed Mt. Rainier in 2012.
Stuart W. Carson Founding Member
425-837-4717, Ext. 105
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Fun Fact:

In 2015, Merryn (barely) survived Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
Merryn B. DeBenedettiPartner
425-837-4717, Ext. 111
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Fun Fact:

Stacy has run the Boston Marathon three times.
Stacy Goodman Partner
425-837-4717, Ext. 102
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Fun Fact:

Kellie has hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
Kellie GronskiPartner 
425-837-4717, Ext. 101
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Fun Fact:

There are only three Wright Noels in the United States—Wright’s dad, Wright, and Wright’s son, and they all have different middle names.
Wright NoelFounding Member
425-837-4717, Ext. 106
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Fun Fact:

While attending high school in The Netherlands, Marina completed a Silver Award Expedition in the Swiss Alps, which involved being deserted in the snowy mountains with only a compass to lead the way to her shelter for the night, a cow barn.
Marina VisanAssociate Attorney
425-837-4717, Ext. 108
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Fun Fact:

After growing up doing ballet, Bethany played rugby in college for three years.
Bethany KelschAssociate Attorney
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Fun Fact:

Todd lies somewhere between “nerd” and “obsessive” on the sliding scale of Game of Thrones fandom (both the books and the TV show).
Todd W. WyattPartner
425-837-4717 Ext. 104
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Fun Fact:

Dana went Bungy Jumping and took a 150-foot plunge toward the Nanaimo River.
Dana CarrothersParalegal
425-837-4717, Ext. 107
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Fun Fact:

Attended Culinary School in my early twenties, but quickly learned I wasn’t going to be the next Top Chef, so I decided to stick with cooking for fun.
Lindsay KruseLegal Assistant 
425-837-4717, Ext. 100
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Fun Fact:

Shannon played national and collegiate tennis and then coached for many years.  Now, after shoulder issues, she finds herself obsessed with ping pong and pickleball.
Shannon SmallBookkeeper 
425-837-4717, Ext. 100
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